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Arts Commission

Arts Resources for Teachers

The Metro Arts Commission is committed to helping teachers engage students in learning through the arts. These arts education resources may inspire new and creative ways to use local arts offerings to supplement school curriculum.

Public Art Education and Programs: Information about the Metro Arts Commission's Public Art Program and teacher guides.

Photo Credit: Nashville Children's Theatre - Charlotte's Web

Get to know the Tennessee Arts Commission programs, staff, training and resources. Especially, explore the TAC Arts Education Program.

  • Grants for schools, community learning, teacher training, and teaching artists
  • Artist roster, research & resources
  • Student Ticket Subsidy grants
  • Poetry Out Loud – student poetry recitation competition
  • Artist Corps TN - specialized training program for teaching artists
  • “Create” Creativity in Education Institute

Get involved with professional arts advocacy and resource organizations:

Check out this statewide listing for arts centers, galleries, theaters, schools & workshops.

Learn what resources are offered by your local Community Foundation:

Explore Artist Directories to find professional artists, teaching artists, in-school performers, field trip ideas, etc.

Get inspired by other programs, case studies, research, and interesting fieldwork!

Discover local institutions in your area with professional arts education programs. There are many in the Nashville area – here are just a few examples. Find more at

ArtQuest: Art Is All Around You


Back the Arts with the New Arts Plate!

Back the Arts with the New Arts Plate!

In Tennessee, specialty license plates are more than just automotive accessories. They are the lifeline for the core of our culture — the arts.

Specialty license plates support the Tennessee Arts Commission, which provides funding to artists, schools and art organizations across our state.

Funded in part by the Tennessee Arts Commission

Tennessee Arts Commission