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Public Art Selection Panels

If you are interested in participating closely in the public art process, consider volunteering as a Selection Panelist. A public art Selection Panel is comprised of artists, community and business representatives, architects, landscape architects and other design professionals and Metro representatives. This panel reviews submissions for a public art project and makes artist and artwork recommendations to the Public Art Committee.

Metro Arts strives to form selection panels that are diverse and appropriate to the specific public art project. Though voluntary, the demographic data and resume upload included in this form will assist Metro Arts in accomplishing this goal.

Metro Arts looks for individuals who are thoughtful, willing to listen to others' opinions and are able to represent a specific viewpoint that is relevant to the public art project. Self nominations are welcome.

Please understand that not all recommendations may be used.

Nominate Panelist form

Feedback Opportunity: Madison and Smith Springs

Public art is making its way to neighborhoods across Nashville and Davidson County, and we need your input! New community centers at Madison Park and Smith Springs Park are in the design phase now, and both include opportunities for public art. If you live or work in one of these neighborhoods, we hope you’ll spend a few minutes telling us what makes your community special. We will share this feedback with the selected artists as they create concepts for public art at these community centers.

Madison Park Community Center Feedback Form

Smith Springs Park Community Center Feedback Form