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Bellevue Library

Beverly Stucker Precious of Indianapolis and Brenda Stein of Nashville have been selected for public art projects at the new Bellevue Branch Library. Precious’ sculpture for the outdoor classroom and Stein’s suspended sculpture for the library’s interior will both be installed late fall of 2014.

Beverly Stucker Precious designed Great Beginnings to involve the Bellevue Library community while providing an iconic backdrop to the many activities that will take place in the library’s outdoor gathering space. Utilizing an image of a “learning tree”, the title of the sculpture refers to bands of type interwoven through the branches and leaves containing fragments of opening sentences from literature. The artist plans to include sentences suggested by patrons of the Bellevue Library. The sculpture uses dichroic glass, a reflective surface that changes color with the angle of the light and the perspective of the viewer. Precious was one of five artists short-listed for this project. The regional call to artists was limited to artists living within 350 miles of Nashville.

Artist Beverly Precious' rendering of the sculpture.

Once it was determined that interior space was available for public art, Metro Arts approached Bellevue woodturner Brenda Stein about creating artwork using hackberry trees due to be removed from the library site. Titled Rise Above, Stein’s design concept includes suspended sculptures featuring birds and leaves, symbols of community resiliency and limitless possibilities. Above the circulation desk and the tech commons, over one hundred birds will gracefully soar together past the clerestory windows. In the infant/toddler area, a mobile of heart-shaped hackberry leaves will provide a playful canopy above the seating area.

Brenda Stein, Rise Above

The Bellevue Branch Library will be major development within one of the most populated areas of Nashville. Through the library’s embrace of technology and ever-expanding community programs, the Bellevue Branch Library is designed to encourage activity and interaction and be a resource for all residents, including students of Bellevue Middle School which adjoins the library property. In addition to the traditional meeting room, the Bellevue Branch Library has significant outdoor spaces—the walking paths, the reading porch, and the outdoor classroom.

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