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Arts Commission

Indian Painting with the Artist Sabita Workshop Series

Edmondson Pike Area in District 4

Sabita Chaudhuri was awarded to work with community members and neighbors of the Edmondson Pike Community at the Edmondson Pike Branch Library teaching them visual art techniques to enhance their various skill levels in the craft and to showcase their work. The artist chose this location because of the elderly population that this particular location serves as well as the varying ethnicities that are a part of that community. Sabita is a member of both of those demographic communities and strives to facilitate artistic expression so that the voice of the people she identifies with will be expressed through paint and other visual art techniques. She will teach using the Acrylic, watercolor charcoal, oil, and clay modeling. She will draw from over 30 years of education to share the beauty of artistic expression through visual arts as well as activate this neighborhood that consist of diverse peoples to draw from their backgrounds and do the same.