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Arts Commission


FY17 Funding is Fully Allocated!

FY18 Funding information coming soon!

Contact Lauren Fitzgerald for information regarding program See chart below for monthly deadlines.

Awards Process

Applicants will be notified via email of the status of their proposal. If a project is funded the applicant/artists can expect to receive payment within 30 days of invoicing Metro Arts. Furthermore, the applicant agrees to the following terms:

  1. Recipient will use funds to pay for artist fees and/or purchase supplies and materials that support the project described in the proposal.
  2. Recipient will obtain all permits, licenses, and permissions necessary for the project.
  3. Recipient will comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  4. In all publicity, promotions and/or printed materials related to the project, the recipient will credit Metro Arts according to the Credit and Logo Usage Guidelines.
  5. Within thirty days of project completion recipient will submit a final project report including the following items:
    • Completed Final Report Form
    • Invoice for remaining balance of funds owed
    • One piece of promotional material showing required credit to Metro Arts credit. (can be email, poster, social media screenshot, etc.)
    • Provide high-resolution photos and/or videos of the project

Scoring Criteria/System for Feedback

  1. Artistic Excellence (Maximum of 30 points): The artists involved and/or the project itself drives innovation and/or uses the arts in a distinct way. The artists involved have displayed why they are the best artists for the job. The applicant clearly talks about the artistic practices and methods for creation.
  2. Neighborhood Placemaking/Activation (Maximum of 30 points): The project activates the neighborhood, connecting neighborhoods, and/or the larger Nashville community. The project reimagines a space or activates it artistically. The project addresses a cultural, social, or economic need.
  3. Community Engagement/Participation* (Maximum of 30 points): The community is clearly defined in this project. The project is inclusive of the whole community but provides targeted arts opportunities for citizens whose opportunities might be limited because of geography, economics, ability, age, race or cultural background. The project welcomes the community into the art form. The community and artist are engaged in a creative exchange, as the community informs the art-making, performance, and decision making process. The art making activities or performances are accessible to the public.
  4. Project Feasibility and Logistics (Maximum of 10 points)
    The proposal demonstrates an ability to carry out the proposed project. It has a realistic budget and timeline. The individuals, organizations, and entities that the applicant is partnering with to execute the project have been identified. The partners are invested in the project and will ensure its success.