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THRIVE Tools and Resources

Here you will find several tools that will help you to submit a complete THRIVE proposal as well as information and resources that may prove useful in the success of your proposal and/or project. In the Required Documents section, you'll find the forms that must be completed and uploaded with your pre-approval and/or full proposal submission. Use the checklists found in the Project Development and Management section to keep track of important deadlines and requirements if your project receives funding. The Resources section provides links to local and national support and development opportunities for artists. Funded projects must comply with Metro Arts Credit Policy by using the THRIVE & Metro Arts logos. Finally, get help navigating the Metro Public works process in our Permit Guide section, in case a special permit is required of your public project or event.

Required Documents

When submitting your proposal:

If awarded THRIVE funding:

Project Development & Management Tools

Logos & Credit Policy

In all publicity, promotions and/or printed materials related to the project, recipients of THRIVE funding will credit Metro Arts including detailed recognition and specific logo placement as appropriate. This public acknowledgement must include, but is not limited to, prominent display of the Metro Arts logo and/or approved text that explicitly states that Metro Arts supports specific project. This acknowledgement must be included in, but is not limited to, news releases, marketing materials, advertisements, publications and other materials offered to the public, signs or notices on or around a grantee organization’s base of operations, web sites and online communication, speeches and public appearances.

THRIVE is NOT a grant. It is a micro-funding program. We have to be very clear in our communications due to the contractual nature of “grants.” In press communications, please use the following approved language: “This program/project is funded in part by the Metropolitan Nashville Arts Commission.”
Download the current Metro Arts logo here Social Media Recognition In social media promotions related to the project being funded the recipient will tag Metro Arts and utilize preferred hash tags when appropriate.
See Metro Arts handles, preferred hashtags and recommendations for social media engagement below.


  • Through professional and/or personal accounts follow MetroArts1 Twitter account
  • When making posts about your project tag us in your tweet by using our handle @MetroArts1
  • Include the hashtag: #artsnashville


  • Through professional and/or personal pages, “like” the Metro Arts (Metro Nashville Arts Commission) Facebook page
  • When making posts about your project, tag Metro Arts in them (@Metro Arts (Metro Nashville Arts Commission)
  • Tag Metro Arts (@Metro Arts (Metro Nashville Arts Commission) in any photos/videos you post related to your project. Be sure to share photos on the Metro Arts page as well.
  • Utilize the #artsnashville hashtag on Facebook posts related to your project.


  • Follow MetroArts1. (
  • Tag your Instagram photos of your project with @metroarts1


Thrive Logo

  1. Web Quality Thrive logo PNG image (720 x 372 px) 263 KB
  2. Print Quality Thrive logo PDF image (vector) 1,067 KB

Metro Arts Logo

Metro Arts Logo

  1. Web Quality Metro Arts logo PNG image (720 x 222 px) 17.6 KB
  2. Print Quality Metro Arts logo PDF image (vector) 671 KB

For other file formats please contact

Permit Guide

Some projects or events may require a Metro issued permit. You will need to apply for and obtain such permits through Metro Public Works and/or Metro Parks & Recreation. View a Simple Guide to Permits.

Metro Public Works Permit Types

If you have any questions or need an application for one of the following permits, contact Gordon Richard at or 615-862-8597.

  • Special Event Permit - submit this document only if you plan to use any public right of way as an event venue.
  • Parade Permit - submit this document only if you plan to use any public right of way as part of run / walk course or parade route.
  • Street Closure Request - submit this document if your event will fully or partially close any street, including the Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge.
  • Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge Agreement - submit this document if you plan to use Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge for any part of your event.

Metro Parks & Recreation Permits, Rentals, & Reservations

Visit the Metro Parks & Recreation website or call 615-862-8400 for information regarding planned events on park property.

Additional Resources