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Short Term Rental Property

Metro Establishes Short Term Rental Complaint Hotline

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County has established a hotline for reporting illegal short-term rental properties and for reporting noise, parking, trash and other nuisance complaint pertaining to specific short term rental properties. To file a report, go to: or you may call 435-787-4357, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. All request for service / complaints related to short term rental property violations should be reported through this hotline.

Permit Information

Short Term Rental Property (STRP) is defined as a residential dwelling unit, containing not more than four sleeping rooms, that is used and / or advertised only through an online marketplace for rent for transient occupancy by guests. Owners of Short-Term Rental Properties (STRPs), are required to obtain an operating permit (Ordinance BL2014-951, Ordinance BL2014-909, Ordinance BL2015-94, and Ordinance BL 2016-492). This law applies to all properties (including rooms and guest houses) rented for less than 30 consecutive days to the same occupant.

To Apply for a Permit

  1. Owner of the STRP must apply in person at the Metro Codes Department.
  2. Bring required documentation to the Metro Codes Department at the Metro Office Building, 800 2nd Avenue South, between 7:30 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Applicants are encouraged to arrive early in the day. The required documentation includes:
    1. Floor plan of residence showing number of bedrooms and location of smoke alarms. The floor plan can be hand-sketched (number of sleeping rooms will be checked against the tax assessor’s record). Floor plans shall show details of all levels of the house and any attached structures, location of windows, doors (interior and exterior), and locations of the required smoke detectors.
    2. Name, phone number, and email of person or business that will be the responsible party residing within a 25 mile radius.
    3. Proof of liability insurance of not less than 1 million dollars per occurrence.
    4. Documented proof of written notification to owners of all adjacent properties. Such proof shall be either the signature of the owner of the adjacent property, a signed receipt of US registered or certified mail addressed to the adjacent owner, or notice from U.S. Postal Service that such mail was refused or not timely accepted.
    5. Two documents showing proof of residence, if applying for a Type 1 (owner occupied) permit. Such documents may include a TN driver’s license, other state of TN ID card, Davidson County voter registration card, pay stub, work ID or badge, IRS W2 form, or bank statement.
    6. Affidavit confirming that all information provided with the application is true and accurate.
    7. Written confirmation that the STRP will not violation any homeowners’ association agreements or other restrictive covenants.
  3. Determine short-term rental permit type (Type 1, Type 2, or Type 3).
  4. Pay $50 permit fee – cash, check or credit cards are accepted (a 2.3% processing fee will be applied to all credit card payments)
  5. Allow time (one to two weeks) for processing and approval by the reviewing agencies.
  6. Post the operating permit*, contact information for responsible party, and occupation limits in a visible area in the rental property.
  7. Any advertising or description of an STRP on any website must display the permit number, or an image of the permit, or a link to an image of the permit.

Incomplete documentation will delay processing.

To Renew a Permit


  1. Bring all of the following to the Metro Codes Department before the permit’s expiration date:
    1. $50 annual fee, which must be paid in full at time of renewal.
    2. Signed and notarized affidavit
  2. Allow time for processing and approval.


  1. Mail the following to:
    Metro Department of Codes and Building Safety
    STRP Permit Renewal
    P.O. Box 196300
    Nashville, TN 37219-6300
    1. Check for the $50 annual fee.
    2. Signed and notarized affidavit.
  2. Allow time for processing, determination of renewal eligibility, and approval.
  3. Such mail must be received by the Metro Codes Department before the permit’s expiration date.

* These permits do not transfer across between owners or between properties. Any change of ownership renders the strp permit invalid. A new application must be filed if the new owner wants an STRP permit.

Short-Term Rental Permit Caps

There is a cap on the number of non-owner occupied (Type 2) short-term rental properties allowed in each census tract of Davidson County. Use the Short Term Rental Permit Availability map to see how many permits are available in the area where the property is located.

This permit may not be transferred and does not convey with the sale or transfer of the property.

Questions? See our Frequently Asked Questions or email Clint Harper

Rental Types

Owners of Short-Term Rental Properties (STRPs), are required by the Metropolitan Government to obtain an operating permit.

Type 1: Owner-Occupied

(single-family, duplex, or multifamily)

  • Owner-occupied residence or a secondary residence associated with an owner-occupied principal residence on the same lot.
  • Includes the rental of an entire dwelling unit to a single party of individuals, or
  • If only part of the unit, includes at a minimum one sleeping room and a bathroom, and is limited to a single party of individuals.
  • Owner-occupied status must be confirmed by two documents showing that the owner in fact occupies this as their primary residence. Acceptable documents may include a Tennessee driver’s license, State of Tennessee ID card, Davidson County voter registration card, pay stub, work ID or badge, IRS W2 form, or bank statement.
  • Such documentation of primary residence address must match the deed as recorded with the Davidson County Clerk's office.

Type 2: Not Owner-Occupied

(single-family or duplex)

  • Are not owner-occupied or associated with an owner-occupied principal residence
  • Are single-family or duplex properties
  • Rentals are limited to a single party of individuals

The Metro ordinance limits the number of Type 2 permits allowed to in each census tract.

Use the STRP Census Tract Map to check if the 3% limit of non-owner occupied single-family and two-family residential units has been reached within your census tract. The Census Tract Map is updated periodically.

Ownership information on your application must match the deed as recorded with the Davidson County Clerk's office.

Type 3: Not Owner-Occupied Multifamily

(Multifamily apartments and condominiums)

  • Are not owner-occupied or associated with an owner-occupied principal residence
  • Are in multifamily structures
  • Rentals are limited to a single party of individuals

Type 3 permit applicants must be either the owner of the property or the lessee. If the applicant is the lessee, the application must be accompanied by signed documentation of permission from the lessor for the operation of a short term rental at the subject property.

STRP Operation Information

Short Term Rental Property (STRP) operation is limited to properties that have no more than 4 bedrooms and are subject to the requirements spelled out in Ordinance No. BL2014-951, Ordinance No. BL2014-909, Ordinance No. BL2015-94, and Ordinance BL 2016-492.

These requirements include but are not limited to:

  • Signs, advertising, or any other display on the property indicating that the dwelling unit is being utilized, in whole or in part, as an STRP is prohibited.
  • All STRP occupants shall abide by all applicable noise restrictions contained in the Metropolitan Code and all applicable waste management provisions of the Metropolitan Code.
  • The STRP shall maintain smoke alarms in all locations required by the Fire Marshal.
  • No recreational vehicles, buses, or trailers shall be visible on the street or property in conjunction with the STRP use.
  • No food shall be prepared for or served to the transient by the permit holder.
  • The principal renter of a STRP unit shall be at least 21 years of age.
  • The maximum number of occupants permitted on a STRP property at any one time shall not exceed more than twice the number of sleeping rooms plus four.
  • Simultaneous rental to more than one party under separate contracts shall not be allowed.
  • The STRP owner shall not receive any compensation or remuneration to allow occupancy of an STRP for a period of less than 24 hours.
  • The permit holder shall be responsible for collecting and remitting all applicable room, occupancy, and sales taxes required by state law or the Metropolitan Code.
  • An STRP permit shall not be transferred or assigned to another individual, person, entity, or address. Further, a permit does not authorize any person, other than the person named therein, to operate an STRP on the property.
  • The STRP permit may be revoked, whether by a court of proper jurisdiction or by the Department of Codes Administration, upon determination that violations of any applicable ordinance or law relating to STRPs.

Availability Map

Map thumbnail

Check the Short Term Rental Permit Availability map to see if your property is eligible for a Short Term Rental permit.

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