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Urban Forestry

The Urban Forestry office reviews landscaping plans for compliance with the Metropolitan Zoning Code, provides support to the Board of Zoning Appeals and issues Tree Removal Permits. Stephan Kivett serves as the Urban Forester and may be reached at (615) 862-6488.

Brochures about Urban Forestry

Information about Urban Forestry
- This brochure provides a general overview about urban forestry and the requirements in the Metropolitan Zoning Code.

Recommended / Prohibited Tree and Shrub List
- This list provides guidance on which tree species work well in Nashville. The list also include the trees which are prohibited to be planted on new projects.

Tree Density Calculation Worksheet
- This worksheet is used for new construction projects and for existing facilities that wish to remove trees.

Tree Protection Fencing
- Describes the proper method for protection trees during the construction process so those protected trees may be counted toward Tree Density Requirements.

Urban Forestry Inspection Report
- This document is a guide to assist landscaping contractors and landscape architects in completing the landscape installation during a construction project.