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District Energy System

State of Tennessee
Underground Tunnel Connects Pipes with Buildings

State of Tennessee CapitolDES supplies energy to a majority of the state of Tennessee's downtown buildings, including the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, Citizens Plaza, the state Capitol, the Supreme Court and the Tennessee Tower Building. In addition to providing heating and cooling services to the state buildings, DES makes repairs and updates to equipment to keep services running efficiently.

Tennessee State Capitol

Few Nashvillians realize that a large concrete tunnel exists connecting all the state-owned buildings.The tunnel is large enough for maintenance and repairmen to move through and houses infrastructure for vital utilities, including heating and cooling pipes from DES.

Through its service to the state, DES provides each branch of the government - executive, judicial and legislative - with heating and cooling services that help keep Tennessee running efficiently. DES is proud to serve the state of Tennessee, its employees and its residents in such a capacity.