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District Energy System

CNE Tenth Annual Report

Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. (CNE), operator of the Metro Nashville District Energy System (DES), is pleased to present the tenth “Annual Report” to the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee.


This report summarizes operational and business activities related to the overall performance of the system for the past twelve months.

CNE Annual Report 2012-2013The system, which is made up of two basic parts, the Energy Generation Facility (EGF) and the Energy Distribution System (EDS), is operated by a fully staffed, work force in a manner that continues to produce outstanding results. The availability and reliability of both steam and chilled water was above 99% again this year and CNE continued to meet all of the contractual guarantees. All parties associated with this district energy system benefit from efficient operations through lower utility costs and energy savings.

During the fiscal year July 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013, CNE continued to have a perfect environmental record with no excursions or violations. All verification data, records, reporting requirements and submittals were kept up to date and in order. During an annual site inspection, the air pollution control inspector visited the EGF with a trainee. After reviewing our records, the senior inspector commented to the trainee, "Don't think all sites are going to be this easy. This plant's records are exceptional. This is not the case in most places." We were honored to receive such a compliment.

Another record we are excited to report is plant personnel have worked accident free for the past twenty-three months. There have been no reportable or lost time accidents. With the amount and type of work that takes place on a daily basis, this is a remarkable accomplishment.

CNE and Fellon-McCord continue to work closely with Metro's fuel procurement team to purchase gas through a hedging program. A new contract was recently executed with Atmos Energy to make these purchases. Although natural gas prices have begun to increase, they are still relatively low and have resulted in a substantial cost savings to the DES steam customers.

The new Music City Convention Center opened for business on May 20, 2013. If you have the opportunity, We suggest you visit this truly amazing facility. Development around this facility is booming. Now would be a great time to consider expanding the district energy system.

Full 2012-2013 Annual Report