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District Energy System

DES Offers More Favorable Carbon Footprint


CO2 Production ComparisonFuel Consumption ComparisonIn cases where buildings are considering electric resistance heat or heat pumps, utilizing District Energy for heating results in a more favorable “Carbon Footprint.”  Within the TVA service area, electric energy delivered to the customer comes from their sources: coal, nuclear and hydroelectric.  The inclusion of nuclear and hydro aid in reducing the total level of CO2 related to TVA production of electrical energy in this region.  But, when compared to the delivery of heat energy to the customer from a natural gas-fired District Energy plant, District Energy can deliver the same amount of energy at 45% of the CO2 level resulting from electric based heating.  If developers are seeking to achieve material environmental benefits, District Energy is the best choice.

For more information about the services offered by the Nashville District Energy System to assist developers in this consideration, contact the MNDES Project Administrator, Harry Ragsdale at 615-264-2611 or via email at