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District Energy System

Employee Spotlight

Alonzo Welch, Maintenance

Alonzo WelchConstellation Energy hired Alonzo Welch as a utility person to perform some painting projects when the DES plant opened 12 years ago. His duties have evolved since that time.

Q: What has been your most challenging task while working at Metro DES?

I have several duties at the plant. They range from janitorial to landscaping. When I first started, keeping up with mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs and the equipment necessary to perform these tasks was a challenge. I went through a couple of mowers before I got the hang of it.

Q: How long have you worked at Metro DES?

12 years.

Q: What brought you to DES? Were you a Metro employee prior to joining DES, or did you come from a different background?

I worked for R.C. Mathews Co. on the construction crew that built the plant before getting hired on in the Maintenance Department.

Q: What is the most rewarding part of your job at DES?

I like seeing projects through to completion.

Q: What do you look forward to most when heading to work in the morning?

I am happy to have a good job in today’s economy.