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ARFA - Amended and Restated Fuel Agreement – the fuel purchase contract for the MNDES

ARMA – The Amended and Restated Management Agreement – the contract for the design and construction of an Energy Generation Facility, improvement of an Energy Distribution System and long term operation and management of the MNDES.

CNE – Constellation NewEnergy, LLC – the entity that operates the Metro Nashville District Energy system.

DES - District Energy System - produces heating and cooling mediums in the form of steam, hot water and chilled water in a central generating facility plant and distributes them to multiple users.

DHC - District Heating and Cooling

EDS - Energy Distribution System - the network of supply and return pipes used to circulate the steam, condensate and chilled water to customers and includes the metering systems used to monitor their usage of the system.

EGF - Energy Generation Facility - the central plant where steam for heat and chilled water for air conditioning are produced and distributed.

FOC - Fixed Operating Component – fees received under the ARMA by the SO for operating and maintaining the DES.

HVAC - is an acronym that stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning.

IDEA - International District Energy Association - IDEA represents members who are district heating and cooling executives, managers, engineers, consultants and equipment suppliers.

ISC - Initial System Customer – those customer buildings originally served by NTTC who remained on the MNDES at the commissioning of the new EGF.

Metro - Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County - the local governing body.

Metro Liaison (ML) - The Metro Finance Director has appointed an individual to act on behalf of Metro and be the interface between the Project Administrator and Metro. That role is currently filled by Bob Lackey.

MNDES - Metropolitan Nashville District Energy System - the Metro-owned system that provides steam and chilled water from a central plant to multiple buildings in downtown Nashville.

NTTC - Nashville Thermal Transfer Corporation - a not-for-profit organization established in 1970 to build, own, and operate the original Nashville district energy system.  This entity expired following the commissioning of the new EGF.

Project Administrator - The operations of the MNDES fall under the purview of the Metro Finance Director. The Metro Finance Director, in accordance with ARMA has appointed a Contract Administrator, known familiarly as the Project Administrator, or PA. The PA is the point of management contact for the entire project. That roll is currently filled by Harry J. Ragsdale of Thermal Engineering Group, Inc.

SO - System Operator - Contractor as defined in the ARMA responsible for the operation and maintenance of the EGF and the EDS under a long-term operating agreement.  That role is currently filled by CNE.