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About the Davidson County Election Commission

The Davidson County Election Commission (DCEC) is regulated by State of Tennessee law. The mission of the Davidson County Election Commission is to provide federal, state, and local election products to eligible citizens of Davidson County so they have equal access to the election process and can exercise their right to vote.

The DCEC consists of five (5) commissioners appointed by the state election commission who serve a two (2) year term. The commissioners are charged with ensuring compliance of state election laws and operating within Metro’s purchasing and budgetary laws. The commission appoints the Administrator of Elections, who serves as the county’s Chief Election Administrator. The AOE is responsible for managing all election commission operations and personnel. The DCEC also approves election plans, certifies election results and participates in professional and business organizations.

The AOE insures voter registration records and voting histories for each voter are maintained and provides information concerning voter registration, absentee voting, election results, and campaign financial disclosures. The AOE issues petitions to prospective candidates and the county election commission shall place the names of qualified candidates on the ballot. The AOE trains election day officials and early voting poll officials.

In addition, there are voting machine technicians who are responsible for storage of voting machines and perform maintenance on the machines year round. They prepare voting machines for all elections and work to obtain and keep suitable voting locations. These employees are also involved in helping conduct elections and providing election results.

The DCEC meets as necessary. We are located at 1417 Murfreesboro Pike.

Office Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Election Day Hours: 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Telephone: (615) 862-8800
Fax: (615) 862-8810
Warehouse: (615) 862-8821

DCEC Agendas and Minutes

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