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Poll Officials

Poll Officials Needed

The Davidson County Election Commission (DCEC) is responsible for providing free and fair elections to every eligible citizen.

Poll Official Eligibility

  • Are you a registered Davidson County voter?
  • Are you at least 17 years old and a resident of Davidson County?
  • On election days, are you willing to work 6 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., or until the last voter has voted and all precinct work is completed?
  • Can you provide your own transportation to and from training and the polling site?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, then apply to be a Poll Official!

Poll workersPoll officials are paid $150 for each election work day and $30 for participating in mandatory training. Training is available on days, nights, and Saturdays

If you are interested and have questions, call our Poll Worker Coordinators at 615-862-4372 or email:

Submit Poll Worker Application Online

The following forms will be required if you are hired. You may send them with your application or you may bring them with you when you come to your first training class..

  • W-4 Form
  • I-9 Form
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Your documentation must include a clear/legible copy of your Social Security Card
  • Your documentation must additionally include a clear/legible copy of your valid Tennessee Driver's License