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Public Service Announcement

Last year, ECC hosted a brain storming session with Jessica Olson from Smart911. Our goal was to come up with creative ways to promote Smart911 to the citizens of Nashville. At the end of the session, everyone was assigned a task. Judy Langston was assigned the difficult task of contacting the Titans about during a PSA on Smart911.

Several weeks later, the Titans agreed to a meeting with us to discuss the PSA. Since Judy or I are not PSA savvy, we decided to take representatives of DVL Advertisement Agency with us. After meeting with the Titans, the advertisement reps advised us on the importance of owning the rights to the PSA.

Once again, Judy Langston was assigned the task of contacting the local news agencies and the cable stations regarding filming the PSA; however, ensuring the ECC retains the rights to the PSA.  There were numerous of road blocks regarding ownership of the PSA but Judy remained diligent and committed to following the instructions of the ECC retaining the rights of ownership of the PSA. In the end, Metro3 agreed to film the PSA; ensuring ownership.