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Farmers' Market Budget

FY2016 Budget Information

FY16 At a Glance - includes:

  • Budget Summary,
  • Accomplishments/Goals/Strategic Issues,
  • Organizational Structure,
  • Programs, and
  • Budget Highlights

FY16 Financial Pages - include:

  • historical and budgeted data
  • budgeted positions for the last three fiscal years

FY16 Program Pages - include:

  • historical and budgeted data for each of the department's programs
  • historical and budgeted FTE's (full-time equivalent)

FY2015 Budget Documents

FY15 At a Glance

FY15 Financial Pages

FY15 Program Pages

Budget Contacts

Farmers' Market Board Chair: Margot McCormack

Executive Director: Tasha Kennard

Finance Manager: Tracey Ray

Phone: 615-880-2001

Fax: 615-880-2000

900 8th Avenue North 37208

Farmers' Market Website