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Assessor’s Office Receives the Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction Award

The Davidson County Assessor’s Office received the Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction Award at the 79th annual conference of the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO). The IAAO, established in 1934, is a nonprofit, research and educational association for individuals in the assessment profession that promotes innovation and excellence in property appraisal, the assessment administration, and property tax policy.

The Award is the highest jurisdictional award conferred upon an assessment agency by the IAAO. When receiving the award on behalf of the office, Assessor George Rooker emphasized that he was “accepting on behalf of the entire staff, which has worked so diligently to make our office one of the best in the world.”

The Office received the Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction award as a result of its contribution “…to the assessment profession through the institution of technical, procedural, or administrative programs generally recognized as a component of a model assessment system and a contributing factor to equity in property taxation.”

Assessor Rooker said, “It is a great honor to receive this award after so much hard work. For many years we have focused on constant improvement of our processes and providing greater transparently so that taxpayers understand the appraisal process and our value estimates.” Assessor Rooker added, “We are pleased that our technology endeavors have been successful in improving the appraisal process and making the appraisal process more available to property owners.”

Assessor’s Office Provides New Technology during Reappraisal Year

The Davidson County Assessor’s Office made new technology available to the public as part of the 2013 reappraisal. The new technology made the online informal review and local appeal processes more convenient and user-friendly. The Office administered 6,599 informal reviews and the Metropolitan Board of Equalization acted upon 4,949 matters in 2013.

New technology launched by the office also enhanced the public’s ability to access and research information relative to the appraisal of real property. Comper Sales Search is a convenient way for property owners to research the value of properties that are comparable to their own and to ultimately reach their own value conclusion. According to Assessor George Rooker, this research tool was helpful in that, “It allowed property owners to access information from which they could determine whether they felt the appraised value determined by the Office was appropriate. The property owner could then make an informed decision as to whether to request an informal review and/or file a local appeal.” Assessor Rooker added, “Property owners who used this research tool and elected to request an informal review and/or file a local appeal could then submit the results of their Comper Sales Search research to support of their position.”

Assessor’s Office Receives the Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction Award

The Davidson County Assessor’s Office received the 2013 Excellence in Operations Award from the Tennessee Association of Assessing Officers (TNAAO), the professional organization that represents Assessors throughout Tennessee. The TNAAO exists to support these elected officials in better performing their duties, to work with other organizations and governing bodies on issues that affect the assessment of property and to promote excellence among the membership.

The Excellence in Operations Award is the highest honor a Tennessee assessor’s office can receive and is bestowed each year on the office that exemplifies the highest standards of professionalism, service, and best practices. Assessor George Rooker expressed how honored he is that the Davidson County Assessor’s Office would receive the Distinguished Assessment Jurisdiction Award, for a second time, in light of the many well-run assessor’s offices in the State. In addition, Assessor Rooker thanked his staff, stating, “I am grateful to have a staff of professionals that truly do strive to serve the public and whose efforts are recognized when we, as an office, receive these special awards.”

Metro Public Wifi Project

The Metro Public Wifi project has provided wireless internet services to citizens, allowing them to use the internet on their mobile phone or tablet at Metro locations including Parks community centers, the Planning One-stop-shop, County Clerk offices, and MNPD community rooms. More sites will be added in the coming year.