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Cost Accounting - Cost Planning Program

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Cost Planning Program is to provide planning, implementation and support products to Metro departments and agencies so they can manage key products costs within predetermined performance targets and use the cost information to make resource and operational improvement decisions.

Cost Accounting Services

  • Development of cost accounting guidelines
  • Technical assistance to Metro agencies on the preparation of indirect cost rate proposals and departmental cost allocation plans
  • Training to Metro agencies regarding cost accounting guidelines and procedures
  • Assistance to Metro agencies with resolving indirect cost rate disputes with Federal and/or State grantor agencies
  • Technical assistance to Metro agencies on preparing billing rate structures
  • Full cost analyses of Internal Service and Enterprise Funds
  • Monitoring the recovery of indirect costs from grantor agencies
  • Serves as the Metro liaison on cost accounting issues with external stakeholders and business partners

Cost Recovery Briefings

The following are briefings (training) that were provided to Metro departments and agencies in 2004.

Full Cost Recovery Executive Briefing

Primer on Full Cost Recovery

Miscellaneous Resources

Cost Accounting Manual for Metro Government - This document provides guidance to Metro departments on completing cost allocation and indirect cost recovery plans and full cost billings.

Indirect Cost Planning and Recovery Policy-Update July 2016

2 CFR Part 200 Uniform Admin Requirements, Cost Principles, and Audit Requirements for Federal Awards

Metro's Local Cost Allocation Plan (LOCAP)

This is the Metro Nashville central services cost allocation plan. Most governmental units provide certain services, such as motor pools, computer centers, purchasing, accounting, etc., to operating agencies on a centralized basis. Since federally-supported awards are performed within the individual operating agencies, there needs to be a process whereby these central service costs can be identified and assigned to benefited activities on a reasonable and consistent basis. The central service cost allocation plan provides that process. All costs and other data used to distribute the costs included in the plan should be supported by formal accounting and other records that will support the propriety of the costs assigned to Federal awards.

FY 2016 Federal Cost Plan - Metro Nashville's most recently completed LOCAP

FY 2016 Full Cost Plan - Metro Nashville's most recently completed Full Cost Plan

Previous LOCAP Reports

Cost Allocation Frequently Asked Questions

Internal Service Fee Information

Contact Information

Email Herbert Majors, CPA 615-862-6483