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Strategic Management Services

What We Do

The purpose of Strategic Management Services is to coordinate strategic planning and business process improvement so that elected officials and departments can make data driven decisions to achieve their goals and citizens see value in the way their tax dollars are spent.  Please see the Strategic Management Calendar for a general timeline of when various tasks will be completed.

How We Do It

We provide training to Metro managers on topics such as:

We provide customized consultations tailored specifically to meet the strategic management needs of Metro government departments and agencies.

We maintain a central performance database for Metro organization to report performance data

We prepare reported data for the Office of Financial Accountability Performance Data Review

We provide performance data to decision makers for operational and resource decisions made during the Metro budget process

We report Metro’s performance to citizens in the Metro Performance Reports

Who To Contact

Departments are encouraged to contact their designated budget analyst for assistance with Strategic Management services, including:

  • strategic planning,
  • performance measure development,
  • performance data collection,
  • performance management,
  • process improvement, and
  • customized strategic management training.