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Economic Development

Working to increase economic growth of a community by strengthening existing businesses and attracting new ones is an essential function of local government. Metro Government works to create, diversify, and enhance job growth, as well as promote business development and stability by focusing and coordinating government resources. Below, you will find performance information for those departments that promote Nashville and Davidson County’s economic development.

Building a Future - Economic Development

Measure Source 2010 2011 2012 2013
Total number of building inspections Codes Administration 73,393 79,078 72,009 74,442
Percentage of Middle Tennessee job- seekers receiving skill enhancement products who acquire a job and stay in the workforce for at least six months NCAC 83.80% 91.10% 92.20% 89.04%

For more information on Metro's Performance, please contact Ken Hartlage at 615-862-6512 or contact the department directly.