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How Can Citizens Get Involved?

Bridgestone ArenaMetro Nashville has placed a premium on ensuring that citizens and their elected representatives have a central role in the strategic business planning process. Metro is unusual in that it has one of the nation’s largest elected Councils for any local government – 40 members, with 35 elected from districts and 5 elected “at large.” This large and diverse body provides a direct connection with citizens in a way smaller elected bodies cannot. As such, Council Members can comment on and question departmental goals, measures, and performance. You may want to contact Council Members if you have any comments or questions about the content represented on this site or in any of the performance reports.

Further, many of the departments and agencies with strategic business plans are led or advised by boards or commissions made up of local citizens. For these organizations, the participation of their board/commission members in the planning process, and in their final validation and acceptance of the strategic business plan, was an essential part of the planning process. You may want to contact the members of the relevant board or commission if you have comments or questions about a department’s performance.

Finally, a significant portion of the performance information collected by Metro departments comes directly from citizens, whether through surveys or other means. The data collected is used in department decision-making and is reported through such documents as the budget and performance reports.