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Public Safety

Public Safety in Nashville and Davidson County continues to remain a top priority. Assuring public safety is one of the basic expectations citizens have of government. This speaks to the ability of public safety organizations to communicate and respond to emergencies, prevent and reduce the occurrence of fires, and impact crime at every level and age group. Boasting a continued reduction in crime and the lowest crime rate in 12 years, law enforcement agencies continue to use resources not only to address and investigate crime after it occurs, but also to provide proactive and community-based services focused on crime prevention and community safety.

Domestic Violence Program

Domestic violence deeply affects a significant portion of the U.S. population, and the same holds true here in Nashville. Nearly half of all crimes against persons reported in Davidson County in 2012 were incidents of domestic violence. Moreover, Nashville averages 10 domestic violence homicides each year. To address this, Mayor Karl Dean decided to explore how the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County can do more to prevent domestic violence incidents from occurring and do a better job of protecting victims and their children. Of special note: beginning in FY14, a concentrated and collaborative effort involving several Metro departments will launch to address domestic violence prevention. Funding for this initiative includes a $1,065,500 investment to end domestic violence in our city. This cross department effort includes the Criminal Court Clerk, District Attorney’s Office, General Sessions Court, the Public Defender’s Office, the Sheriff’s Office and the creation of a new Victim Resource Center.

Safety In Numbers - Public Safety

Measure Source 2010 2011 2012 2013
Average time to dispatch ECC 2:41 2:23 2:08 1:39
Average time to answer 911 calls ECC 8 seconds 9 seconds 5 seconds 6 seconds
Total violent crimes reported Police 6,786 6,901 7,914 7,365
Total property crimes reported Police 30,137 30,533 28,041 26,162

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