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Communicate Your Strategy

The word "Communication" encompasses variety of meanings. For the purposes of the How to Talk Strategy website, consider, not only the action of communicating, but also the content and its impact. In order to communicate to your staff the long term goals and short term objectives of your organization effectively, be deliberate in the content and medium of your message.

Take a look at a sample communication plan that serves to help your create a very clear message with a laser like focus.

What are other Metro Nashville departments/organizations doing?

If you have staff at multiple locations, try creating a script and video to spread the word to post on your organization's website.

Post your department’s mission statement in a prominent place like these departments: Health Department, Justice Integration Services, Sheriff’s Office.

During staff meetings, introduce or remind staff about your organization's long term goals and short term objectives with sample talking points that compliment both the video and e-mail message.

Follow up with a short e-mail reminder to your employees about your department’s strategic business plan

I want to find my department’s strategic plan

What are other governments doing?

King County, WA’s AIMs High website provides an in-depth and interesting approach to communicating a government’s mission, objectives and outcomes on the web.

What is the private sector doing?

My Strategic Plan provides a four minute video that demonstrates how to develop an easy communication plan that covers the who, what, when, where, how and why of communicating your strategy.

What are other organizations doing?

Insightful, yet entertaining articles by Bob Behn

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