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Implement Your Organization's Strategy

What are other Metro Nashville departments/organizations doing?

Take a look at a couple of data collection plans that are currently in use by two Metro departments, the Department of Finance/Office of Management and Budget and Metro Nashville Police Department.

I want to find my department’s strategic plan

What is the private sector doing?

Take a look at an example Action Plan developed by Weidner, Inc,that can be applied to individual performance as well as the performance of your program to ensure that the goals of the program are achieved. Action Plans can be a useful tool.

The three short videos at the links below from cover everything from developing action plans to avoiding common pitfalls of strategic planning to the secret to strategic implementation. These informative, entertaining video clips are a way to very quickly pass useful information along to your staff.

What are other organizations doing?

Insightful, yet entertaining articles by Bob Behn to read and share with your staff

Read about how to address Resistance to Measurement

Measurement is Rarely Enough