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Implement Your Organization's Strategy

Some tips on how to implement a Strategic Plan include:

  • Knowing the material in the document. Read the document, and highlight any portion of the plan that could be challenging. If any part of the document appears to be unrealistic, excessive (especially concerning time or money), then note these areas for future discussion
  • Creating a vision for implementing the strategic plan and then selecting team members to help you implement it. Your team should understand the purpose of the plan and be supportive in the steps involved in implementing it
  • Scheduling meetings to discuss the progress of the implementation. Make sure your teams members have a list of goals or objectives, and let them know what has been accomplished. Assess the implementation schedule on a regular basis
  • Acknowledging and celebrate the successes that occur throughout the implementation

What are Metro Nashville departments/organizations doing?

What are other organizations doing?

  • An example of an Action Plan developed by Weidner, Inc. that can be applied to individual performance as well as the performance of your program to ensure that the goals of the program are achieved. Action Plans can be a useful tool.
  • Various videos from OnStrategy cover everything from developing action plans to avoid common pitfalls of strategic planning to the secret to strategic implementation. These informative, entertaining video clips are a way to very quickly pass useful information along to your staff.

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