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Business Development and Outreach

Good business development and outreach activities are extremely important to the success of Metro’s Small Business Program and Procurement Nondiscrimination Program. The Business Development and Outreach function is dedicated to working with vendors to promote their readiness to do business with Metro. Business Development and Outreach staff engages in a number of activities toward this end including but not limited to the following:

  • One-on-one technical assistance with vendors; ;Call us for Technical Assistance (615-880-2814) or email us at
  • Conducting business development training through the BAO training series; See our FY 15 Training Schedule.pdf
  • Participating in trade shows and business fairs sponsored by other business development entities;
  • Managing the delivery of an annual Business Symposium targeting minority and small businesses sponsored by Metro’s BAO;
  • Working to identify and linking minority businesses with available sources of capital;
  • Working to identify creative bonding solutions for small and minority businesses.
  • Serving as a liaison with approved certifying entities to ensure certified status of Metro vendors.
  • Partnering with other Procurement and Contract Management Staff to engage in Conflict Resolution/Ombudsman work designed to limit vendor-to-department and vendor-to- vendor conflicts resulting in fewer instances of contract breech and termination.

Diversity Plans

Companies can use Diversity Plans as an effective “roadmap” of sorts for best including diverse business types in their business activities. Diversity Plan development is among the best practice steps a business can take to ensure that it is recruiting and including diverse business partners. Doing this best positions a business to take full advantage of everything that diversity has to offer their business and customers.

It is the policy of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County to promote full and equal business opportunities for all persons doing business with the Metropolitan Government . It is further the policy of the Metropolitan Government that firms seeking to participate in contracting and procurement activities with the Metropolitan Government are not prevented from doing so on the basis of the race or gender of their owners

In an effort to increase diversity inclusion, many Metro solicitations will request the inclusion of a diversity plan as a part of the response to the solicitation. In such responses, prime contractors are requested to provide Metro with information regarding their diversity and inclusion strategy. A good procurement diversity plan should include at a minimum the following components:

  • Statement of Commitment;
  • Strategic Approaches and Methodologies taken to ensure maximum participation by Minority, Service Disabled Veteran, Small, and Woman Owned Businesses (SMWSDVOB);
  • Methods to Ensure Prompt Payment of SMWSDVOBS;
  • Utilization Monitoring and Reporting Tactics-including specific techniques used to monitor participation on an ongoing basis and report to relevant business partners including Metro.
  • Details Regarding past Utilization of SMWSDVOBS, including results (% of work) on specific projects/