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Procurement Division

Contract Compliance

Contract Compliance in Metro is dedicated to monitoring small business enterprise (SBE) and disadvantaged, minority and women business enterprise (DMWBE) participation on procurement solicitations resulting in contracts for construction, goods or services. This work is done so that Metro can ensure that the levels of committed SBE or DMWBE participation are met on these contracts.

SMWBE Contract Compliance involves the review and enforcement of specific SMWBE utilization terms and conditions associated with procurements. Suppliers are able to aid in the contract compliance by reporting to Contract Compliance staff data relevant to their committed level of SBE or DMWBE participation, such as payment to those suppliers for work performed.

Ultimately, Contract Compliance staff shall be responsible for monitoring small and minority business participation on assigned projects and shall engaged in activities including but not limited to the following:

  • Ensuring that each assigned procurement type is adequate and appropriate in terms of necessary language in the procurement solicitation,
  • Attending pre-proposal conferences and pre-bid meetings to reiterate Metro’s commitment to small and minority business participation and detail availability estimates;
  • Securing adequate small and minority business lists to be included in procurements;
  • Ensuring that submitted bids and proposals include adequate level of minority and small business participation based upon the availability estimates or have acceptable good faith effort documentation;
  • Confirming small and minority business status of participants included in submitted proposals and bids;
  • Calculating small business participation points for procurements as required;
  • Ensuring that appropriate small and minority business participation is defined in resulting contracts;
  • Communicating with primes and subs as necessary regarding utilization and participation on projects and maintaining documentation of said communications;
  • Reviewing submitted proofs of payments used to document small and minority business participation for adequacy;
  • Maintaining appropriate databases and spreadsheets to reflect real time participation on projects;

Contract Compliance Staff monitor certain procurements for the duration of the contract term to ensure that the proposed levels of small and minority business participation are actually achieved. When the contract is complete, Contract Compliance Staff prepare a Final Contract Compliance Analysis which details the full small and minority business participation of the contract capturing data regarding the prime and any subcontractors used by the prime.