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Office of Fleet Management Fuel Card Program

Wright Express (WEX) is the national company recently selected to provide a universally accepted fuel card program for all Metro entities. This contract will allow access to fuel sites throughout the county, capitalizing on efficiencies from having fuel sources closer to the operating areas. The program also provides an information system to support the management and accountability of fleet operations. Cards are issued to the vehicle by decal number, not to individual drivers.

Fuel Card Vendor Provided Services

  • 24 hour, seven day customer service.
  • Card acceptance with tax exemption program at 340 commercial fuel sites in Davidson County.
  • Card acceptance nationwide (over 90% of the nation’s commercial fuel locations). (Not all participate in the tax exempt program.)
  • Automatically deducts federal excise tax, state and local sales taxes on gasoline and diesel fuel purchases, where eligible. Currently this amounts to the following for Metro per gallon purchased:
  • Enhanced card security through the use of personal identification numbers (PIN).
  • Electronic billing capability which reduces administrative costs.WEX Online
  • Provides easy access to your account information including transaction details, cost etc. This service requires a user name and password. Agency Fleet Coordinators and others will be given access upon request.
  • Monthly reports for all purchases, fuel and non-fuel, including exception reporting capability.
  • Ad hoc reports upon request.
  • Customized purchasing parameters (authorization controls) established by agency management based upon:
    Daily Dollar Limit
    Daily Number of Transactions
    Transaction Dollar Limit
    Time of Day
    Day of Week
  • Card replacement within 24 hours if ordered according to published directions.