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Connected Nashville

Connected Nashville logo - a vision for a smarter city

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What is a Smarter City?

Technology plays a role in nearly every aspect of the modern urban lives of Nashvillians. But just using technology does not make a city smart...

A smarter city:

  • Achieves goals and meets challenges of its community through the use of technology and data.
  • Uses technology, digital communication and data to gain a better picture of needed services and to interact with the community to solve community issues.
  • Uses technology and innovation to improve the lives of citizens by improving the services it provides to its residents.
  • Ensures equitable and inclusive access to quality of life for all of its citizens.

In order to craft the vision and strategy for a smarter city, Mayor Barry convened the Connected Nashville Working group. This group investigated local plans and global solutions; consolidated and synthesized information collected; and developed a set of draft recommendations for a long-range strategy. We would like your feedback on these draft recommendations. On this website you may click the Image at the right side of the page to download the draft document, or use the menu items at the right side of the page for review. Additionally, we invite you to share comments and feedback using our online survey.