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Strategy 9: Reduce the Social Isolation of Learning Communities

Nashville can enhance individual empowerment, social inclusion, economic development, cultural prosperity and sustainable development by building what UNESCO terms a “learning city”. A learning city mobilizes its resources in all sectors to promote inclusive learning at all levels, revitalizes learning in families and communities, facilitates learning for and in the workplace, extends the use of modern learning technologies, enhances quality in learning and fosters a culture of lifelong learning.

Metro has worked to connect K-12 learning environments, as demonstrated by the many local partnerships with Metro Nashville Public Schools. A learning city also requires the unification of institutions providing education beyond K-12 into postsecondary, community college, university and technical training environments, and organizations operating in various sectors to reach people at all stages of life.

Strategic Actions

  1. Align businesses, nonprofits, colleges, civic leaders, parents, faith communities, community organizations, and resources to reduce the social isolation of Nashville learning communities to support Nashville’s educational, digital equity, and career-oriented objectives. This will positively affect the talent pipeline and the success of our community as a whole.
  2. Host city citywide and global learning opportunities that bring diverse communities together.
  3. Work within the community to develop and provide an online portal that aligns businesses, nonprofits, colleges, civic leaders, parents, faith communities, and community organizations to support learning.

Case Study

Category: Community Alignment

A Smart Community – The Learning City Model

As applied in Bristol, the UK’s first learning City, UNESCO's Global Network of Learning Cities (GNLC) is an international network focused on policies and strategies to support cities who promote lifelong learning in economically, socially, culturally and environmentally sustainable communities. Using modern technology and best practices, a learning city facilitates learning both inside and outside of the classroom, for and in the workplace, and within the family and community. Commitment at the local level is critical to successfully execute future-ready solutions. The Learning City model seeks to empower citizens with the knowledge to build a city that is sustainable, technologically advanced and inclusive.

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