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Strategy 13: Develop a Tool to Assist Residents in Accessing Affordable Housing Options in the City

There are many programs aimed at making housing more attainable for more people. However, even with the variety of programs that exist, a lack of cohesiveness results in a lack of knowledge about the variety of options that fall under the affordable housing umbrella. The additional challenge is that home inventory turnover in Nashville is quicker than the national average, and quickly rising rental costs can make the housing search cost-prohibitive. According to The Tennessean's analysis of data gathered by the Associated Press, Nashville home inventory is down 66% since 2012. Zillow reports that Nashville’s average rental price is $130 per month higher than the national average. With for-sale homes filling quickly and rental units in high demand, residents seeking affordable housing need a resource that allows them to keep pace with local real estate movements. Current and potential residents will benefit from a single point of information about opportunities to find high quality, affordable, safe and attainable housing options in Davidson County. Additionally, a larger audience could benefit from a resource that helps illustrate what the picture of affordable housing currently looks like, and could look like, for Nashville.

Strategic Actions

  1. Investigate and organize the publicly available information/datasets that are currently available from non-profit and government sources, and assimilate the data into a GIS-based mapping system. This would include the identification and potential development of key missing or needed data.
  2. Create a housing navigation system providing housing types, availability and qualifications, including mapping and visualization tools.

Case Study

Category: Affordable Housing Tool

Affordable Housing Made Accessible

Offered by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development and Housing Development Corporation (not NYC directly), NYC Housing Connect gives users the opportunity to learn about, search for and apply for affordable housing across the city. NYC Housing Connect works with private real estate professionals and community sponsors to promote and fill affordable housing opportunities.

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