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Strategy 15: Embrace Green Building and Energy Efficiency

The Mayor’s Livable Nashville Committee has set forth recommendations to use green building practices to positively impact our city’s livability. According to Nashville-Davidson County Greenhouse Gas Emissions inventories, as of 2014, commercial properties make up 27% of Nashville’s Greenhouse Gas Emissions. Enhancing the resource efficiency of new and existing buildings will facilitate decreases in annual energy use, water use, greenhouse gas emissions and storm water runoff for existing Metro Government and Nashville buildings, make utility bills more affordable for lower-income Nashville residents, and reduce the annual energy consumption of both government and commercial buildings sectors.

Strategic Actions

  1. Continue to research and pursue technologies related to construction and management of a Net Zero building, which is a building with zero net energy consumption, meaning the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site.
  2. Expand the implementation of building automation systems across multiple Metro agencies to increase the capabilities and efficiencies of Metro Government to gather data from energy, waste and water systems. This data may be used to proactively manage those subsystems in real-time, as in many cases changes to building automation systems can happen immediately.
  3. Implement a robust energy tracking and building performance platform across multiple Metro agencies that would provide interactive, real-time visualization tools, such as dashboards, that allow Metro Government leadership to review and manage building systems for Metro’s building portfolio and assist in reaching building benchmark goals.
  4. Encourage utilities providers to implement customer-side Advanced Metering Infrastructure, which will provide customers with access to real-time energy usage data.

Case Study

Category: Green Building

On the Cutting Edge of Technology and Sustainability

There is no better example of a sustainable building than The Edge in Amsterdam, a connected and autonomous building with an app. that gathers and updates user preferences. Also the greenest building in the world, the Edge boasts the highest sustainability score ever awarded: 98.4 percent.

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