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Development Services

We do our best to make compliance with local permits and regulations as simple and straightforward as we can, and that begins with your initial application. The person who processes that application will be your contact and guide as you move through the necessary filings and approvals, and you won’t have to travel all over the city to get that done - our development-related city departments are located in the same building or nearby and share a common database for faster and more efficient review.

We want you to share our excitement about the many business opportunities our community offers, and we invite you to participate in our continuing growth and success.

  • Nashville
  • Nashville


  • Music City Center

    While the Music City Center is most obviously about the brick-and-mortar facility to serve our guests, it will also serve as the city’s front porch, located in the heart of downtown Nashville.

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  • 28th/31st Ave Connector Project

    The official opening of the 28th/31st Avenue Connector project uniting parts of West End with North Nashville was celebrated with a Grand Opening event for the community on Tuesday, October 2.

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