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NashvilleNext - Moving Forward

NashvilleNext logoNashvilleNext is a plan created by Nashvillians to guide how and where our community grows through 2040. On June 22, 2015, the Metro Planning Commission unanimously adopted NashvilleNext after three years of community engagement involving over 18,500 participants.

NashvilleNext is Nashville’s plan – and we're making it happen!

2017 NashvilleNext Update includes Community Plan improvements

The NashvilleNext long-range plan is continually updated to keep it current and dynamic. The 2017 Update includes reorganization and streamlining of Community Plans to focus on each community's role in Davidson County, the region, and the Growth and Concept Map, as well as its Community Character Policies.

Overview of proposed NashvilleNext changes and links to Community Plans

Overview of Community Plan updates

Proposed changes to Community Character Manual policies

Demographic information on each of the fourteen Communities

Email the NashvilleNext planners

Open-house meetings will continue July 24photo of discussion at community meeting

About thirty community members participated in the July 10 open-house discussion, and another is set for July 24, with a public hearing before the Planning Commission scheduled on August 24.

Location and details of the July 24 meeting

Updates to Volume III - Community Plans

Updates to Volume V - Transportation

The updated Access Nashville 2040 Transportation Plan would incorporate Metro Parks' "Plan to Play" parks and greenways master plan, MTA/RTA's "nMotion" strategic transit plan, and the "WalknBike" strategic plan for sidewalks and bikeways.

NashvilleNext adopted plan

NashvilleNext is a long-range plan for Nashville's future, intended to guide growth, development, and preservation in our city over the next 25 years.

The adopted NashvilleNext plan includes all amendments approved by the Planning Commission, excepting several approved May 26, 2016, affecting specific properties in Whites Creek.

Contact NashvilleNext staff by email, by phone at (615) 862-NEXT, and in person at upcoming meetings and presentations.

Community Outreach & Supporting Materialsphoto of conversation at community meeting

The NashvilleNext process has been based on community vision and input, with nearly twenty thousand community members sharing their thoughts and suggestions online and in person at over four hundred meetings, briefings, events, and public conversations.

Our Community Outreach page provides background information on many of the issues affecting NashvilleNext and our community's long-term future.

First NashvilleNext Annual Report highlights progress, accomplishments

cover of NashvilleNext report

The NashvilleNext long-term plan, approved by the Planning Commission in June 2015, includes a requirement for an annual report outlining the plan's progress. The first annual report is linked below.

2016 NashvilleNext Annual Report

Implementation: Carrying Out the Plan

NashvilleNext brought thousands of Nashvillians together to consider what changes the city is facing and what our needs and aspirations are as a city. NashvilleNext established a vision and outlined goals, policies, and future actions.

The issues facing Nashville and Davidson County are complex, and many topics will need further study and more input from community members.

NashvilleNext is being implemented by Metro Planning and other Metro departments, by the private sector, and through the work of non-profits. Here are some of the efforts under way that could benefit from your input:


nMotion logo

The Metro Transit Authority’s update of its strategic plan for transit in Nashville/ Davidson County and the region.

nMotion website

Review of the Capital Improvements Budget (CIB)

photo of 46th Ave. roundaboutThe Planning Department is working to improve the capital planning process to promote effective, efficient spending, transparency and alignment with long-term community goals.

The FY2016-17 to FY2021-22 Capital Budget was presented to the Planning Commission on April 28, 2016, and approved by a 5-0-1 vote.

Powerpoint slides from a February 29 Capital Improvements Planning presentation to a joint meeting of the Metropolitan Council's Budget & Finance and Planning, Zoning, & Historical Committees

Tools to Promote Housing Affordability

photo of home construction

On September 6, 2016, the Metro Council passed inclusionary housing legislation.

Both the Metropolitan Council and the more than 18,500 local participants who contributed to the NashvilleNext process have identified housing affordability as a key factor in our future growth and livability.

More information on that initiative is posted on our Inclusionary Housing Feasibility and Policy Study page.

NashvilleNext's research and vision on housing includes:

Music Row Study

photo of Music Row construction In the face of increasing redevelopment on famed Music Row, the Metro Planning Commission recommended deferring zone change requests in early 2015 and asked the Planning Department to conduct an inventory of the cultural, artistic and historic resources of Music Row and lead a conversation on future growth and preservation of Music Row.

That initiative led to the creation of a Music Row Detailed Design Plan, which was approved by the Planning Commission on December 9, 2016. The complete plan and other related documents are provided on our Music Row Community Meetings page.

Parks Master Plan

Parks Dept and Plan to Play logos

"Plan to Play" is the countywide parks and greenways master plan.

Nashville WalkNBike

WalkNBike logo

The WalkNBike plan will improve walking and biking in Nashville, connecting people to opportunity on a network of high-quality, comfortable, and safe sidewalks and bikeways.