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Draft plan review sessions continue April 27photo of discussion at community meeting

Nearly two hundred community members have discussed the NashvilleNext draft plan during three public review sessions this week, and two more meetings next Monday will be great opportunities to look over the plan and talk about it with our planners, informally and in small groups.

Those open, drop-in discussions will be held Monday, April 27, from 5-7 pm at the Madison Police Precinct, 400 Myatt Drive, and at the Bellevue branch library, 720 Baugh Road

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The Draft Plan - Vision, Trends, & Strategiescover of NashvilleNext draft

NashvilleNext is a long-range plan for Nashville's future, intended to guide growth, development, and preservation in our city over the next 25 years.

It's a plan on a scale that has never been undertaken before, based on the open and transparent exchange of ideas with our residents over three years of planning and community engagement. Thousands of community members have provided comments and direction, served on advisory committees, and helped shape the planning process, and there is still time to be part of the plan.

We invite you to review the plan and its supporting materials and share your thoughts through our online survey. The plan belongs to all of us, and your input is important as we set a path for our city and region.

Video: what the plan is and how to tell us what you think

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"Retrofitting Suburbia"Front cover of report

Conceptual case studies for redevelopment of twelve suburban sites in the Nashville area, prepared in cooperation with the University of Tennessee, the Georgia Institute of Technology, and the Greater Nashville Association of Realtors. It's a large file, and may be slow to load.

Community outreach

photo of small-group discussion at community meetingWe're actively seeking out as wide a range of public input as possible - and, in many cases, building new connections to communities which had not previously been involved in the planning process. Details are on our Community Outreach page.

Resource Teams: creating future possibilities

photo of Resource Team meetingExpert panels of local volunteers continue to provide advice and guidance on specific topics. Learn more about them on our Resource Teams page.