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Conversation and commentary

Our background reports page includes detailed reports on local issues related to growth and progress.

Nationally known experts on planning and urban progress shared their thoughts during the NashvilleNext Speaker Series.

We've prepared over fifty short and full-length videos related to NashvilleNext - they're on the NashvilleNext YouTube channel.


Resource Teams: creating future possibilities

photo of Resource Team meetingExpert panels of local volunteers are helping shape several "futures" - possible directions for our community - which are currently under development. Learn more about them on our Resource Teams page.

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NashvilleNext Community Conversations

These public events include a presentation from a nationally-recognized expert on a growth-related issue, followed by open and constructive discussion among audience members.

New: Affordable Housing and Gentrification comments

We've prepared a detailed report on comments made during the June 30 public discussion, where over 300 community members shared their thoughts on the positive and negative consequences of new development.

August 5: Transportation and Mobility

Video: speakers' presentations and samples of the August 5 small-group discussions

July 10: Culture and Placemaking

Video: speakers' presentations and samples of the July 10 small-group discussions

June 30: Affordable Housing and Gentrification

Video: speakers' presentations and samples of the June 30 small-group discussions

It's time to Pick Nashville's Future!

Over the next few months, we'll be presenting and receiving public input on several alternate directions, or "futures," that our city and region might take over the next 25 years.

photo of child picking a guitarThere are two ways to Pick

Review and rate the three potential futures on our online survey...- or share your thoughts at one of two dozen "NashvilleNext Lounge" informal, drop-in meetings around Nashville and Davidson County this summer. Details are on our Pick Nashville's Future page.

photo of discussion at community meetingNashvilleNext "Lounge" discussions

Over two dozen informal, drop-in discussions are taking place around Nashville and Davidson County this summer - check our "Lounge" discussion schedule for one near you.

Video of the June 23 Green Hills conversation

Video of the June 14 outreach at Musicians' Corner in Centennial Park

Video of the first Lounge at Edmondson Pike Library on June 16

The process so far

We're just past the middle of a three-year initiative to create a comprehensive, countywide plan - and so far, the community response has been remarkably strong. Over ten thousand community members have shared their thoughts and visions, our planners have created three potential "futures" - possibilities for what our city and community might become - and public review and input are continuing through the summer.

Photo of planner addressing Commissioners from podiumVideo: reports to the Planning Commission

Commissioners receive an update on NashvilleNext's progress during each regular meeting.

July 24 - Resource Teams' progress

Previous reports

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Frequently Asked Questions

Community outreach

photo of small-group discussion at community meetingWe're actively seeking out as wide a range of public input as possible - and, in many cases, building new connections to communities which had not previously been involved in the planning process. Details are on our Community Outreach page.