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What you - and thousands of others - picked

Cover of Pick Nashville's Future results report

In person, online, through social media, and at dozens of presentations and community meetings - we received over 4700 comments on three potential "Futures" for our community during the "Pick Nashville's Future" phase of NashvilleNext, and on the issues and values which are most important to community members.

Our new "Pick Your Nashville Results" report includes those comments and detailed analysis.

Read or download the entire Pick Your Nashville Results report

NashvilleNext so far - share your thoughts

The "Preferred Future," a potential long-term direction for Nashville and Davidson County based on over 15,000 community inputs over more than two years of planning and public input, is currently online for public review.

NashvilleNext planner Greg Claxton explains the Preferred Future in a short video

A longer and more detailed description of the Preferred Future and the community-focused process which led to it

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Preferred Future map

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The "Preferred Future": what does it mean for me?

Map of downtown potential zoning and land usePlans for some areas would change significantly, others less so. We've prepared maps of each of Davidson County's fourteen planning districts, or "communities," and links to those appear below, along with several smaller areas within those communities and Powerpoint slides and notes from a presentation that planners have been making to community and business groups.

Overview of the draft Preferred Future

Proposed changes in the individual Community Plan areas

Photo of table discussion at community meetingNashvilleNext "Community Conversations"

Videos of speakers' presentations and related discussions over the past few months, with reports prepared by expert teams of community volunteers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Community outreach

photo of small-group discussion at community meetingWe're actively seeking out as wide a range of public input as possible - and, in many cases, building new connections to communities which had not previously been involved in the planning process. Details are on our Community Outreach page.

Resource Teams: creating future possibilities

photo of Resource Team meetingExpert panels of local volunteers continue to provide advice and guidance on specific topics. Learn more about them on our Resource Teams page.