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NashvilleNext 2017 Updates

2017 NashvilleNext Update includes Community Plan improvements

The NashvilleNext long-range plan is continually updated to keep it current and dynamic. The 2017 Update includes reorganization and streamlining of Community Plans to focus on each community's role in Davidson County, the region, and the Growth and Concept Map, as well as its Community Character Policies.

Overview of proposed NashvilleNext changes

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Updates to Volume I - Vision, Trends, & Strategy

front page of Volume 1 document

Updates to Volume IV - Actions

cover of Volume 4

Updates to Volume V - Transportation

cover of Volume 5

The updated Access Nashville 2040 Transportation Plan would incorporate Metro Parks' "Plan to Play" parks and greenways master plan, MTA/RTA's "nMotion" strategic transit plan, and the "WalknBike" strategic plan for sidewalks and bikeways.