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Community Input and Speaker Series

Listening... to thousands of new ideasPhoto of father and son holding white comment boards

We made a strong start in the first phase of NashvilleNext from fall 2012 through midsummer 2013, reaching out to many different communities and receiving their input on how Metro Nashville should grow and progress.

Among other activities, we:

  • Conducted a phone survey of over 1000 community members and local leaders
  • Provided information about NashvilleNext at over 50 community meetings, and over 25 local events and festivals
  • Formed committees of local leaders to guide our work - and held regular dialogues to ensure that we conduct our outreach in the most effective manner
  • Brought in a series of nationally known planning experts to speak on issues related to NashvilleNext, with total attendance well over 1000 - their presentations are posted on our Speaker Series page
  • Provided an online forum at
  • Received over 27,000 page views on our NashvilleNext webpage
  • Increased local awareness of NashvilleNext through local media appearances, our own web videos, and a series of panel discussions on NewsChannel5+'s "Open Line"
  • Cataloged and analyzed over nine thousand comments and suggestions from community members
  • Used that input to start setting priorities and developing guiding principles - our next task as Phase 2of NashvilleNext moves forward

What we heardphoto of community meeting

All of the activities listed above led back to a single question - what do we, the entire Nashville and Davidson County community, want our city to become by 2040?

During and after this phase, we have received over ten thousand ideas for Nashville's future - and tapered those down into a list of broad values which will anchor the rest of the planning process.

Three values were universal - almost everyone listed safe communities, strong public schools, and efficient government as important factors for a better future.

Our Phase 1 report provides a summary of what we heard in Phase 1; in addition to the three universal values, we identified 34 leading issues which were important to a significant number of community members.

Summary Phase 1 report

Complete Phase 1 report, with all public comments

Read the responses so far, organized by topic

Read a list of the 34 leading issues

Photos of Phase 1 events

We want to hear from everyone - in person at one of our community meetings, by email, by phone at (615) 862-NEXT, or online. We're active on Facebook and Twitter, and we have a new online discussion site,, where you can join an existing discussion or bring up a new issue - and even earn prizes for participating.

NashvilleNext mailing list

For regular updates and new information about how NashvilleNext is being implemented, please join our mailing list.

Speaker Series

Photo of Mitchell Silver and audienceNationally-known experts on growth and urbanism shared their perspectives with NashvilleNext audiences at a series of public presentations, stimulating discussion and introducing essential concepts as part of the NashvilleNext community outreach process.

Details of those events, including links to YouTube video of each speech and reaction from audience members, appear on our Speaker Series page.

Conversation and commentary

Our background reports page includes detailed reports on local issues related to growth and progress.

Nationally known experts on planning and urban progress shared their thoughts during the NashvilleNext Speaker Series.

We've prepared over eighty short and full-length videos related to NashvilleNext - they're on the NashvilleNext YouTube channel.