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Community Leadership

NashvilleNext is a community-driven process. There's a steering committee of community and Metro partners, who ensure that the process runs smoothly and that it reflects the community's goals in four areas: Efficient Government, Economic Development, Environment, and of committee meeting

There's also a community engagement committee made up of community leaders, who ensure that the process reaches all local citizens, with special attention to groups which previously have been under-represented in civic processes - for example, minorities, youth, and senior citizens.

Resource teams are made up of community volunteers who provide advice and guidance based on their expertise in specific areas.

Metro Planning Department staff and contracted community engagement consultants are administering the entire NashvilleNext initiative.

NashvilleNext mailing list

For regular updates and new information about how NashvilleNext is being implemented, please join our mailing list.

NashvilleNext and the arts

Each NashvilleNext event includes a performance or presentation by local artists, in cooperation with the Metro Nashville Arts Commission.