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Creating the Vision: Summer/Fall 2013photo of community meeting

Community input and comment will continue throughout the planning process.  NashvilleNext's second phase concentrated on "visioning" - essentially, asking members of our many different communities what they want Nashville and Davidson County to become.

What Happened During This Phase

We created guiding principles for the final plan - goals for the future, based on the community input we gathered in the first phase.

How We Got There

We analyzed public input from the first stage of NashvilleNext, at community meetings, at presentations to businesses and community groups, and online, and created a set of 34 priorities for the future.  We included those in a survey which attracted over 5000 respondents, online and in person at NashvilleNext events and presentations, and used their responses to prepare a set of guiding principles which are linked in the document below.

 Read the "Phase 2 Results" report

These ideas and comments represent community members' vision and priorities for Metro Nashville's future - what our city and county could become, while being mindful of how our county affects the surrounding region.

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Speaker Series

These presentations by nationally-recognized experts on planning and sustainability have helped stimulate community discussion on NashvilleNext issues.