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Creating and Adopting the Plan: Fall 2014/Summer 2015

What We're Doing In This Phase

This is where we create the final product - a draft plan ready for review and approval by the community and the Planning Commission.

How We'll Get There

The draft plan includes the community's vision and the long-term policies and short-term actions necessary to achieve that vision.

  • First, we'll make the draft plan public so everyone can see, review, and comment on it.
  • Next, it'll go to the Planning Commission for a public hearing and approval - the hearing will be held June 15, then the meeting will be adjourned and reconvene for additional discussion on June 22. The Metro Council will review the draft, but the plan is policy, not regulation, so it doesn't require a vote by the Metro Council; in fact, both local and state statutes require that the Planning Commission have final approval of any General Plan.
  • The Plan will become Metro Government policy, and guide progress and preservation through 2040.

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