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Mapping Future Growth and Preservation: Fall 2013/Spring 2014

What Happened During This Phase

We considered, with significant public input, what parts of the county should grow and which should be preserved.

How We Got There

Photo of discussion around large map

Discussion groups of community members gathered around maps, considered projected land use and population figures, and talked about the best ways to handle that change - for example, "Our region will have about a million more people by 2040; what does that mean for us, and what should we do about it?"

These conversations resulted in many different maps showing potential options for growth, or "scenarios," which were refined in the next stage of the process.

Progress reports

Photos of Phase 3 events

Shaping the Guiding Principles

During this phase, participants reviewed seven Guiding Principles based on community input during Phases 1 and 2. This was done both in person and online.

Mapping Growth & Preservation

We gathered groups of community members, laid out large maps of the county, gave them packets of stickers representing predicted growth, and asked them to put the stickers where they thought the growth should go. The results of those meetings and other community input are summarized here.