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photo of Mayor Karl Dean speaking at podium"Our challenge is to plan for that growth..."

Mayor Dean issued this statement in connection with the NashvilleNext kickoff on February 16:

"Nashville is a vibrant and growing city. I often say that Nashville’s best days are still ahead of us. That’s something I firmly believe and it’s not the case for every large city. Nashville is special. Our central location, our diverse economy, the large number of universities here, the music industry and creative talent it attracts – for these reasons and more, businesses, individuals and families are picking Nashville as the place they want to be.

Photo of Mayor Karl Dean holding comment signAs our population continues to grow, and our city and its many communities continue to develop, our challenge is to plan for that growth. We need to develop smartly, and in a way that maintains and improves our quality of life, and builds stronger communities in the process.

We can’t just think about our city over the next year or even five years. Now is the time to plan for the next quarter century and to set a path that ensures our children and grandchildren will live in an even better Nashville than we enjoy today. I encourage all Nashvillians to share their vision for Nashville during the NashvilleNext planning process. Only by working together can we shape a future that is best for all of us."