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What they are and how they work

A NashvilleNext "Meeting to Go" is a focused, small-group discussion of NashvilleNext issues, organized and led by community volunteers. You'll pick a time and place; we'll provide guidelines for conducting that conversation, and forms to report your group's conclusions. Just let us know who you are, what you're interested in, and when you're meeting.

In the short (about a minute and a half) video below, NashvilleNext planner Greg Claxton explains how to conduct your own Meeting to Go.

Sign up for your own Meeting to Go

Tell us about your meeting - who, where, and when - and download discussion leaders' guides, reporting forms, and other printed materials which will help your community's voice be heard.

Thank you for being part of shaping our community's future!

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Community connections

Meet the community members who are guiding NashvilleNext's progress.

Volunteers on our resource teams are shaping NashvilleNext's direction on specific issues.

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