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NashvilleNext Kurdish Community Page

Video: An Invitation to Metro Nashville's Kurdish Community

More about NashvilleNext in Kurdish (Sorani)

Watch the video with English subtitles

NashvilleNext is the community-driven process for creating a plan for the future of Nashville which will take effect in 2015 and guide Metro Nashville’s growth and progress through 2040. Everyone is welcome to participate in drawing up the plan, and to be heard as decisions are made.

Over the last several months, we’ve received more than nine thousand ideas for Nashville’s future –please add yours at the online survey linked below. If you have questions or comments, contact the NashvilleNext planners at 615-862-6398 or

Take our survey and share your thoughts on how Nashville might grow and improve in the next 27 years.

Eid festival in Centennial Park

Members of the local Kurdish community were among several local residents who shared their thoughts on Nashville's future at the Eid festival in Centennial Park August 11.

Help draw the map of Nashville's future

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Show our planners where you think growth and preservation should go and what they should look like - through our new online mapping tool at