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Infrastructure and Smart Growth

"The High Cost of America's Inefficient Development Patterns"

William Fulton AICP, Vice President and Director of Policy Development and Implementation, Smart Growth America

April 22, 2013

Nashville Children's Theater, 25 Middleton Street


Fulton's full presentation, preceded by a performance from Rebekah Hampton of the FALL aerial dance troupe:

"Very informative, very eye-opening..."

photo of audience at William Fulton's speech

Audience members' comments on William Fulton's presentation

Three minutes with William Fulton

photo of William Fulton speaking

A brief interview, recorded after his NashvilleNext comments

Several key concepts

Selected slides from William Fulton's presentation, illustrating:

Three important factors affecting the future of our communities

We have enough large-lot single-family homes - declining birth rate and smaller families mean that the current supply will more than satisfy nationwide demand through 2025.

Over three-quarters of Davidson County households do not include children at home.

The expense of maintaining traditional suburban development outstrips, in many cases, the tax revenue it brings in.  This chart compares three examples in Davidson County - Bradford Hills, a traditional suburb; Lenox Village, a more compact development nearby; and the Gulch, a dense urban area.

Residential property values in Davidson County are rising more quickly in areas closer to the city center, where infrastructure is already in place and the cost of providing services is generally less.

Local examples

Smart Growth America's case study, "Fiscal impact analysis of three development scenarios in Nashville-Davidson County, TN," addresses revenue and cost issues in Lenox Village, Bradford Hills, and the Gulch.

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