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The NashvilleNext Plan

NashvilleNext logoNashvilleNext is a plan created by Nashvillians which will guide how and where we grow in Nashville and Davidson County over the next 25 years.

It's built on our community's goals and vision - ensuing opportunity for all, expanding accessibility, creating economic prosperity, fostering strong neighborhoods, improving education, championing the environment, and being Nashville - building on our unique strengths as a city and as Nashvillians.

Nashville/Davidson County's population is expected to grow by 186,000 by 2040, and the region's by one million. Work is now underway on several of the most pressing issues determined by NashvilleNext:

  • Preserving our neighborhoods while building housing close to transit and jobs
  • Protecting rural character and natural resources
  • Creating walkable centers with jobs, housing and services in suburban and urban areas
  • Expanding walking, biking and transit
  • Making our city affordable for all Nashvillians

Your comments are always welcome by email, by phone at 615-862-6398, and in person at meetings and presentations.

Guide to the Plan (20 pages)

Growth & Preservation Concept Plan Map - shows proposed growth patterns

Guide to NashvilleNext in Spanish