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Health Department


All dogs 6 months and older are required to have a Rabies Vaccination and a Davidson County License and Tag.

New residents to Davidson County can bring their current rabies certificate for their animal to MACC and purchase a Davidson County rabies tag for $6 per tag.

8.04.070 - License tags

Dog license tags issued pursuant to this chapter shall be supplied by the department of health, to be made available in its budget, out of the revenues of the metropolitan government. It shall be the duty of the owner to attach such license tag to a collar which shall be worn at all times by each dog licensed. In the event of the loss of such license tag, the department of health shall issue a duplicate tag, for which the owner shall pay a fee in accordance with the current fee schedule established by Section 8.04.130(A), and such duplicate tags shall be forthwith attached to the dog collar and at all times worn thereon; provided, that the collar may be removed in cases of hunting dogs while in chase or while in training. A dog tag shall not be transferable from one dog to another. No refunds shall be made on any dog license fee.

(Ord. BL2013-452 § 3, 2013; Ord. 89-995 § 2; prior code § 8-1-8)

8.04.080 - Failure to pay license fee.

It is unlawful for any person or owner to keep or harbor any dog for which a license fee on such dog has not been paid as required by this chapter.