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Historic Preservation Zoning District

Woodland in Waverly is a Historic Preservation Zoning Overlay district. Any new construction including additions, demolitions, relocation of structures, or renovation of any contributing structure is reviewed by the MHZC prior to beginning the project.

Neighborhood Information

Woodland in Waverly was originally the site of a farm purchased by A. W. Putnam in the 1830s. Putnam named his house Waverly.

Woodland in Waverly became a Historic Preservation Zoning Overlay district May 1985; Amended December 1994. It is significant as an intact representation of an early-twentieth century streetcar suburb in Nashville. It contains a high concentration of well-preserved homes which illustrate the architectural styles: Queen Anne, Classical Revival, Four-square, Turn-of the-Century, and Bungalow. A portion of the district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in November 1980. The district contains approximately 160 properties.