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Human Resources

Social Security and Your Metro Disability Pension

Social Security pays you a regular monthly benefit when you retire, become disabled, or die.  Your dependents may also be eligible for Social Security benefits when you retire, become disabled, or die.  You can file a disability pension application with the Social Security Administration by calling 1-800-772-1213 or by completing their online application form.

The Benefit Board encourages all disability pensioners to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.  Sometimes the Social Security Administration denies initial applications for benefits, but you are encouraged to continue the appeals process. 

However, the Board requires those disability pensioners who are offered Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) case management advocacy assistance to apply for Social Security disability benefits and follow the process through the Administrative Law Judge.  You will be notified if you are required by the Board to apply for Social Security Disability benefits.  Disability pensioners who receive a Technical Denial from the Social Security Administration will be exempt from further appeal of this benefit unless your circumstances change significantly.

It is not necessary or required for you to hire an attorney to represent you in any stage of the application of appeal process with the Social Security Administration.  You do have the right to have legal representation during this process.  If you would like to have an attorney represent you and do not have a personal attorney, you may contact the Nashville Bar Association at (615) 242-9272, and they can provide you with the names of attorneys that are experienced in this area.

We request that you provide Metro HR Benefits Office with copies of all Social Security Administration correspondence.  If your case is approved, your Metro disability pension check will be reduced dollar-for-dollar by the amount of your initial disability award amount.  Once notice has been received as to the amount of your Social Security primary benefit amount, this information must be promptly forwarded to Metro HR Benefits Office; failure to furnish this information may result in collection procedures once notice is finally received.

If you have already turned sixty-two (62) years of age, you may be eligible for retirement Social Security benefits.  If you apply for these benefits at age sixty-two, your disability pension from Metro Government will not be reduced by this amount.  You need to consider whether you should apply for your Social Security benefits at age sixty-two or defer that application until you convert to an unreduced service pension benefit.