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ING Has Changed Its Name

ING Voya Financial LogosMetro's 457 Deferred Compensation administrator has changed their name from ING to Voya Financial. This was a name change only; to help ensure the transition was smooth and successful, it took place over time and was done in various stages, and you may have seen both names on documentation regarding your MetroMax benefits.

The transition to Voya began on May 1, 2014, and, again, was in name only. Therefore, for example, the ING Intermediate Bond Fund is now known as the Voya Intermediate Bond Fund. ING funds managed by other fund families changed from ING to VY.

Only the names of the company and impacted funds have changed; the fund management, fees, objective, and portfolio composition of each fund will remain exactly the same.

The MetroMax representatives you've come to know and trust will remain the same, as will the contact number for customer service (615-627-1500, Option 3). If you have questions regarding this change, please contact your MetroMax representatives, Seth Crosby (627-5938) and Jonathan Cox (627-5934).