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New Online Application Process 

A new, more powerful version of our online application system became available on Monday, February 3, 2014!   

What's New?

Mobile-Friendly Design

  • Our new application process has been redesigned to make it easy for you to access your account from a smartphone or tablet device

Streamlined Signup

  • Creating an account is easier with less information to enter. 
  • Password reset is easier - Just enter your email address and answer the simple challenge question that allows us to verify your identity.  Also, password reset links will now be valid for 72 hours, as opposed to the previous 24-hour limit.
  • Email addresses - You must have a valid email address in order to apply for a job on our site.  If you do not currently have an email address on your account, you will be required to add one the next time you submit an application.  Email addresses can be obtained at no charge from a number of email providers. 

Fast Application Creation

  • Apply Now ButtonCreate applications simply and quickly.  If you are creating an application for the first time, you will have the option at the beginning of the application process to import a LinkedIn Profile or upload a stored resume to pre-fill the application form for you. 
  • Multiple stored application profiles will only be supported if your previous account had two or more stored application profiles; however, you will not be able to add additional profiles going forward.  If you are a new jobseeker or if you currently only have one profile, you will not see an option to save and create multiple profiles. 

Existing Data Will Carryover

  • All of your history and currently in-progress applications will be accessible in the new site.

Details on Application Completion

  • The text resume option has been removed.
  • The Questions page saves automatically every 30 seconds, so you don't have to worry about losing information if you leave your computer and get logged out of the system.
  • Sections of the application that have been turned off (i.e., Education, Work Experience, References, Other Information, etc.) will no longer be displayed on your application, avoiding the previous message advising that the information would not be accepted by the employer. 
  • The Application Status section has been replaced by a simple link to your Applications.
  • Employer-specific Application History will permit you to see only the applications you have submitted for jobs within the Metropolitan Government of Nashville & Davidson County.  To see all of your applications for any employer you have applied to within NeoGov's software, you can view a comprehensive application list via
  • The Job Applications section will display the five most recent jobs you have applied for within Metro Government.  Additional job applications will be available on the next page.
  • Attachments are no longer attached automatically based on your prior application submissions, so you won't inadvertently send the same cover letter from a previous application.  Instead, the 15 attachments you most recently uploaded will be available for you to select and attach during the application process, and you'll only need to upload attachments that have never been attached before (or re-upload them if you have exceeded the maximum limit of 15 stored documents).  To make storing attachments more user-friendly, the attachment file size limitation has been increased from 5MB to 10MB.
  • The steps necessary to complete an application are clearer and more concise.  Numbers have been added to each step to indicate the number of records entered (for example, the number of jobs you've entered on the Work section).  Checkmarks and exclamation points have also been added to indicate when required fields have been completed or when required data is missing in specific sections.